Welcome Message from the Black Madonna

MADONNA-PhotoHome“Dear Beloved, come, come sit with me. Rest yourself here beside me. Look deeply into mine eyes. See within them the purity of agape, the love that passeth all understanding, the unconditional love that permeates all of creation, the infinite Love that is eternally available for all of you.

Please remove me from the pedestal, dear one, for my feet have walked this earth on the same path that you tread. I have experienced the shame, guilt, sorrow, hopelessness and despair. I, too, have had to surrender to the mystery of love. As such, I am here to offer myself as a humble guide and servant through your initiations. Allow me to show you the ways of the heart to become a magnificent, joyful, conscious creator.

Step off the pedestal of unattainable perceived perfection to enter the passages of your heart where every action is already divinely perfect as the essence of love. Your heart knows what your mind does not. As the seat of the soul, the heart knows what it knows and the mind, try as it might, can never overcome it. An instantaneous spark of elation, a flood of passion, or the smoldering of unremitting love will betray anyone who intends to veil its presence because the heart is always at liberty and unable to be deceived. You simply need to trust the wisdom of your heart, for fear has no place in your heart.

When you loosen your grip and allow love to fill all those empty, aching places within, the longing and loneliness you’ve been experiencing will naturally subside. But you were never really alone, you just got lost in the veils of illusion living your life outside of your heart. And then, when you heard my still small voice calling from within, the things of the material world lost their significance, no longer holding dominion over you. Now, you have come home and found me awaiting you with arms open wide.

And so, dear heart, together we open a new chapter in the “Book of Love”. It is time to write a new story for all of the inhabitants of planet earth, a story of peace, love and harmony. A story of joy. Our magnificent Mother Earth offers such beauty that goes unnoticed. It is time to reawaken to that beauty and nurturance. In doing so, we shall find the love that resides within all sentient beings and rediscover the love that lives within each of us.

Welcome home to the sacred space in the sanctuary of your heart where you are safe, loved, fed and nurtured. I am here to hold your hand, massage your heart, walk beside you, and guide you until you are strong enough in your own foundation of love with the realization of your pure perfection and eternal life. And then dear heart, we shall unfurl our wings and soar into new expansions of love and light beyond your earthly awareness, inviting all to join us.”
~Black Madonna~
“Sanctuary of the Heart”: May 23, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000