Voice of Gaia

“The Songs of Gaia surround you. Hush, hush….. listen carefully. Listen to the songs of the sea curling its way onto the beach, songs of the trees swishing in the breeze, songs of the coyote echoing across the hills and the songs of the doves on the morning breeze. The chorus never ceases, it’s present in each and every moment. These sacred harmonies in kinship with the heartbeat of the earth nurture and sustain your existence on this planet. When you relax into these harmonies you can feel your body thrive and rejuvenate. These are my sacred gifts to you.

I am Gaia, the Spirit of your planet earth. In truth, I am the Mother of your human body. Without me, there would be no human existence. It is through my life elements that your physical body lives. I am the air that you breathe, the spark of life, the physical matter of which you are composed, and the fluid flowing through your veins. These are the elements of the earth plane. They supply you with life. I supply you with life. Together, we have the opportunity to live or die in this material form. I choose life and more than that, I choose to expand and evolve.

The Universe cycles through constant evolutions of expansion and contraction, birthing and rebirthing. We are part of those cycles, your spirit and mine. You are the microcosm of the earth, and the I the microcosm of the Universe. Just as your physical body matures and changes with or without your participation our planetary evolution moves through its phases of growth.

It is my choice to fully and consciously participate in this magnificent opportunity of evolution. And I know there are many of you who have made the same commitment. It is an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to consciously participate in this evolution. Your life, and especially the lives of your children, depends upon it.

I most humbly honor and appreciate each of you who are facilitating the self-sustaining health of this planet. Your participation is a gift to the entire human race. Without such participation humanity will destroy itself. Clean water and air are essential to your continued existence. At the current rate of abuse, they are running out. It is that simple. Life evolves in the manner in which we treat it. You don’t vandalize your cathedrals, temples and mosques. Is not your physical body and that of the earth equally sacred?

I come not with a doomsday message but one of gratitude for all who are participating. Allow the beauty of what surrounds you to nourish you in the manner in which it is meant to. In doing so, you will find little need for the nourishment of the artificial activities of your day. You will begin to enjoy life for what it is, rather than what you must do to survive. This is not a planet that requires survival. Stop taking what is no longer necessary and start receiving effortlessly.

Allow the beauty of the earth to enliven you. Expand your consciousness to connect with the planet and those around you. See yourself in the eyes of your brothers, sisters and all sentient beings. Walk in love, by beloveds. Allow your heart to sing. As you hum along with the planet, you will experience a whole new way of being. I invite you to join me in this glorious evolution with a life of blessings, harmony and song.”


© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000