Moving beyond Sin and Punishment

“Dear hearts, God does not punish, only man punishes. It’s no wonder you don’t understand a God of punishment, because he doesn’t exist. God is Love, pure and simple. Just as we are Love, pure and simple.

At our core, in our heart space, we are all whole and complete. Unfortunately many religions have taught you that you’re flawed in your nature. Thus you’ve spent lifetimes asking for forgiveness for who you are. You lost your sense of divinity and balance was forfeited. As a result you now live in a world of imbalanced duality in which humanity has fostered punishment.

In your patriarchal system, the masculine principles have been overriding the feminine for eons of time. The masculine is rooted in the mind. He is the spark that initiates action. He is the sperm that conceives life in the womb of the feminine. But without the feminine, the womb of creation is missing. Life created by man alone is superficial, whereas life birthed from the receptive womb of the woman is all-encompassing. She nurtures and allows life to unfold in its innate perfection. Both are necessary for birthing and maintaining life, neither can stand alone and survive. Men will need to create a space for women to empower them to bring the world back into balance so we can all continue to grow and expand.

The Goddess, who has been patiently waiting in the wings, is now stepping forth to stand beside her male consort in love. The feminine principles of caring and receptivity, long overshadowed on the planet by ego-based power structures, can blossom once again. As we bring these dissonant energies back into balance the energies of separation will dissolve and people will remember how to connect with their hearts and their intuition.

Within our heart there is no separation. We are able to hold all the parts, no right or wrong, no judgment and thus no punishment. Duality was simply part of our earth’s cycle: to know love more fully, we chose to experience living without it. But know ye, the times of punishment shall come to an end when we are all able to see the world from a new perspective. We are each the embodiment of Love.

God does not punish and repentance is only of value if it inspires healthy changes that restore our self-love, the love that we have all lost. The only true punishment is the withholding of love, the worst of which is when we withhold it from ourselves. If sin exists, then that is the only sin. That is hell. Neither God, nor the Goddess ever withholds Love.”

~ Mother Mary ~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Love is not what you Think it is

“Precious one, it is time to open to more love than you have ever imagined possible. For love is not what you think it is. Love is so very much more. I, Mother Mary, invite you to learn the truth of love to bask in the bliss of agape, the infinite expanse of Love.

It amazes me that the English language has only one word for “love”, the essence of which has infinite aspects to it. According to the Ancient Greeks, love has three components. Eros strikes like fire, consumes you with sensual desire and longing, then often burns itself out. Philia sustains itself within the bonds of family and friendship. Agape, the primal source of all Creation, transcends our human understanding of love and fills us with its Divine essence. This gives us a place to initiate our understanding.

That which you most often perceive as love is really only the energy of attention, given or received; attention through compliments, touch, time, romance, sex, gifts, support or acknowledgment. In your world love has been controlled, measured, judged and doled out against past experience. Like a banker, you invest in love, then expect a repayment with interest, which only sets you up for heartache, as you so aptly call it.

You treat love as if it is a sentiment given and received using specific words and actions expressed between lovers. Or as filial love between mother and daughter, father and son, sister and brother, and close friends. You spread your love over others so they will love you back to fill those empty places within you. Sadly their love is never enough to fill you. But your own love is.

All the love you will ever need is within you. By simply loving yourself, those dark empty places will be filled and love will spill over its old self-constructed bounds. By simply loving yourself you’re able to break through the old shackles of love and see its truth in everyone and everything.

Although it has been appropriate to learn of love on the material plane by experiencing it in such measurable ways, in reality love has no form. Nor is it measurable. Every time you attempt to give it form and judge it with man-made measurements, it becomes more illusionary, unfulfilling, empty, and often painful. No wonder you feel abandoned, unworthy, lost and lonely.
Every time you’ve opened yourself to love, it broke down the walls that held you captive to the past and brought everything that’s not rooted in love into the present moment. In this emotional overwhelm your natural tendency was to shut down instead of remaining open to the healing and acceptance of more love. Thus the cycle continues in an excruciating slow death in response to your fear of love.

You fear the unknown and that which you do not understand. Fortunately, your perception of love comes from a limited perspective. So, as the ultimate Divine Mother, I invite you to go beyond your human perception of love and allow me to wrap my arms around you as you surrender to the true power of agape, the infinite Divine love of Source, to know that . . . .
Love is . . . safe, kind, compassionate and patient,
Love is . . . pure and unadulterated,
Love is . . . for everyone, not just the few with whom you chose to share it,
Love is . . . the breath of life, breath of creation, breath of all that exists,
Love is . . . truth, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
Love simply is . . . . . .

Love lives in the space-in-between, radiating naturally from every cell. Why have you chosen to hold it only in your heart, placing walls around it for protection? Remove the walls and allow the power of love to flow freely throughout your body as blood flows. Beyond that, allow it to radiate to everyone and everything, asking nothing in return no matter who they are or what form they take.

You have nothing to lose, for love cannot be depleted, it will never run out for it is the vital force of energy that sustains all things. Nor do you need to concern yourself about how others shall receive your love or react to it. The responsibility of receiving lies with the receiver. Simply allow love to flow, and flow and flow. In doing so, you live in the eternal energy of love. By relinquishing the need to acquire it from outside of yourself, you become sovereign, complete unto yourself and able to revel in the bliss of love that is always present in infinite supply.

Flow in love, precious one. Flow as love with a totally open and free-flowing heart. No more walls. No need to pretend, defend or protect. No more holding back. No need to resist. The suffering of holding on so tightly has come to an end.
Flow in the love of Source. Flow in the love of God. Flow in the love of the Goddess. Flow in your love. Allow it to flow. Let it be, Love knows how.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Voice of Mother Mary

“From my loving heart, peace be unto you my precious one. It is I, Mother Mary, the Goddess of Love, come to celebrate with you on this most holy of nights. Ah, such sweetness. Yes, such beauty and sweetness surrounds us. For on this night, this glorious night, is born unto us the holy child. Through me, yes, but also through you. For the love, the grace, and the radiance of wholeness are within each of us as the Holy Child.

I come this night to remind you, for you have forgotten and turned away from the truth of this birth. Awaken to the magnificence that lies within you. The shepherds and magi come to honor the prophesied child. With your awakening, you, too, are being honored. As the ultimate mother I open my arms to you with unconditional love, wrap them around you, gather you close, and breath in your sweet, sweet essence. Just as Yeshua, you are my child who walks the planet in blessedness. It matters not what you have chosen to do with your life. It matters not if you are famous, rich or poor. The color of your skin matters not for my arms fit perfectly around you.

I see the truth of who you are and I am here to hold that vision for you to step into, if and when you choose. In doing so, may you see the unconditional overflowing love for yourself that lies within you. If you did not, how could you possibly see it in another. I am here to remind you of everything that already resides within you. So I bid you, open dear heart, open to the love and beauty that surrounds you.

Remember the joy, innocence and wonderment that you felt as a child on that first Christmas and embody it once again. For this is the passion and joy that fills our hearts as the creators of a new world.

A new life awaits you. As the light returns from its season of darkness, as Christ was born on Christmas Day, so shall you be birthed once again. This Christmas bestows upon you all that you have awaited for so long, for so many lifetimes. What you shall find on Christmas morn is that you are the present, to yourself and to all of us. You are the divine present. See the Christ Child within you. Follow the star in the east into the manger of your heart, therein lies your true essence my precious one, the purity of agape.

My love is unconditional. My love is eternal. I require nothing in return. I simply love you. I am, the Blessed Mother Mary.” ~Mother Mary~
December 24, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000