Love is not what you Think it is

“Precious one, it is time to open to more love than you have ever imagined possible. For love is not what you think it is. Love is so very much more. I, Mother Mary, invite you to learn the truth of love to bask in the bliss of agape, the infinite expanse of Love.

It amazes me that the English language has only one word for “love”, the essence of which has infinite aspects to it. According to the Ancient Greeks, love has three components. Eros strikes like fire, consumes you with sensual desire and longing, then often burns itself out. Philia sustains itself within the bonds of family and friendship. Agape, the primal source of all Creation, transcends our human understanding of love and fills us with its Divine essence. This gives us a place to initiate our understanding.

That which you most often perceive as love is really only the energy of attention, given or received; attention through compliments, touch, time, romance, sex, gifts, support or acknowledgment. In your world love has been controlled, measured, judged and doled out against past experience. Like a banker, you invest in love, then expect a repayment with interest, which only sets you up for heartache, as you so aptly call it.

You treat love as if it is a sentiment given and received using specific words and actions expressed between lovers. Or as filial love between mother and daughter, father and son, sister and brother, and close friends. You spread your love over others so they will love you back to fill those empty places within you. Sadly their love is never enough to fill you. But your own love is.

All the love you will ever need is within you. By simply loving yourself, those dark empty places will be filled and love will spill over its old self-constructed bounds. By simply loving yourself you’re able to break through the old shackles of love and see its truth in everyone and everything.

Although it has been appropriate to learn of love on the material plane by experiencing it in such measurable ways, in reality love has no form. Nor is it measurable. Every time you attempt to give it form and judge it with man-made measurements, it becomes more illusionary, unfulfilling, empty, and often painful. No wonder you feel abandoned, unworthy, lost and lonely.
Every time you’ve opened yourself to love, it broke down the walls that held you captive to the past and brought everything that’s not rooted in love into the present moment. In this emotional overwhelm your natural tendency was to shut down instead of remaining open to the healing and acceptance of more love. Thus the cycle continues in an excruciating slow death in response to your fear of love.

You fear the unknown and that which you do not understand. Fortunately, your perception of love comes from a limited perspective. So, as the ultimate Divine Mother, I invite you to go beyond your human perception of love and allow me to wrap my arms around you as you surrender to the true power of agape, the infinite Divine love of Source, to know that . . . .
Love is . . . safe, kind, compassionate and patient,
Love is . . . pure and unadulterated,
Love is . . . for everyone, not just the few with whom you chose to share it,
Love is . . . the breath of life, breath of creation, breath of all that exists,
Love is . . . truth, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
Love simply is . . . . . .

Love lives in the space-in-between, radiating naturally from every cell. Why have you chosen to hold it only in your heart, placing walls around it for protection? Remove the walls and allow the power of love to flow freely throughout your body as blood flows. Beyond that, allow it to radiate to everyone and everything, asking nothing in return no matter who they are or what form they take.

You have nothing to lose, for love cannot be depleted, it will never run out for it is the vital force of energy that sustains all things. Nor do you need to concern yourself about how others shall receive your love or react to it. The responsibility of receiving lies with the receiver. Simply allow love to flow, and flow and flow. In doing so, you live in the eternal energy of love. By relinquishing the need to acquire it from outside of yourself, you become sovereign, complete unto yourself and able to revel in the bliss of love that is always present in infinite supply.

Flow in love, precious one. Flow as love with a totally open and free-flowing heart. No more walls. No need to pretend, defend or protect. No more holding back. No need to resist. The suffering of holding on so tightly has come to an end.
Flow in the love of Source. Flow in the love of God. Flow in the love of the Goddess. Flow in your love. Allow it to flow. Let it be, Love knows how.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

In the Footsteps of the Divine Mother

“Come, come, journey with me, arm in arm, walking in the sacred footsteps of the Divine Mother. Our path is blessed by those who walk ahead preparing the way, dropping petals of grace that we may tread lightly. Our radiance lights the way and our love opens all doors.

I, the eternal Mother wrap my arms around you nurturing you in love and joy to empower you to step into the desires of you heart. I enfold you in the infinite power of Love. I breathe all of who I am into you, into your heart. Drink, drink me in. Continually draw upon the essence of the Mother as we walk the path of One heart birthing a new world of love, peace and harmony, all the while singing our exuberant songs of joy.

Live in grace, dear one, allowing it to pave the way. When bumps in the path appear, simply step back quietly to gain a different perspective. Then proceed around them in gentleness, content in the flow of life at its own pace. Sometimes life is as exhilarating as the rapids in the river. Other times it is the stillness of the pond that reaps the rewards. Allowing the cycles of life to lead soothes the soul. It is here you shall find eternal peace.

By leaving doubt and judgment behind, all that opens before us shall be seen through a new set of eyes, the eyes of the Mother. Allow courage to carry you forward as we continue to trust in the divine unfoldment of life. Realize that where we journey is not as important as how. It is how we walk in the world that matters, how we walk in love, how we walk in beauty, how we walk in peace. The simplicity of this shall become the salvation of the world.

See the glory in the truth of who you are and dare to stand in that truth despite what those around you think. Oh it may come with its challenges for some, but allow them to challenge themselves as you quietly rise above all that is not rooted in love.

Always look forward in delight. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to provide fulfillment, to make the heart sing. So, sing with me, oh divine one, sing. The song has been quieted for far too long. Join me in the eternal cosmic song of Love and Joy.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Unconditional Acceptance

“My dearest one, step off the pedestal of your perceived perfected self into the peace of unconditional acceptance. In your acute desire to be the perfect perception of your highest Self, you are constantly scrutinizing yourself to fix that which is broken, wrong, and diseased. Your life is spent aiming for a false sense of perfected enlightenment. But what is enlightenment?

Beyond that, you’ve done others the same disservice by perching them on this same precarious pedestal, individually as well as groups, including the world at large. In doing so, you’ve negated the rite to love everyone one for who they are. Of course, it is with the highest intentions. But this constant criticism is taking its toll on humanity.

Recognize this obsession with perfectionism as a symptom of fear, the fear of never being enough, the fear of never being worthy of love. Beloved One, You are already love, how can you possibly be unworthy of what you already are?
This eroding belief of unworthiness requires immediate transformation. With the loving grace of the Goddess let us consider an effortless way to move through it. Simply put all your expectations and attachments aside because those are the things against which you judge.

Many age-old attachments and desires carry within them a linage of specific expectations. Peace, for instance, does not necessarily mean quiet. Internal stillness, yes, but that differs from quiet. Can you be in the stillness while surrounded by the ripples of chaos? That, dear one, is real peace. Peace is found when you can turn away from distractions, refocus your mind and go within to the stillness that resides in your heart.

And what of love? Why do you limit your acceptance of love? For love given, you expect love in return? Why not simply share the abundance of your love and allow it to flourish, for you can’t give something you don’t already have. When you can see every action as an action of love by being able to give and accept without any agendas, then you will know the truth of Love.
By focusing on unconditional acceptance of yourself and others you can open to love by allowing and empowering each of you to live the fullness of your dreams. Then step back and watch as your innate perfection blossoms, expands and shows its full array of colors.

A change in your perspective is all that’s called for. In accepting things as they are, nothing resists you, and nothing recoils back at you. The search for that illusive spark of love lies in the innocence of a child. That Love can be so-easily found by aligning with your heart, where it bubbles in a constant froth of passion.

Love where you are on the way to where you’re going. It really is as simple as living in gratitude for what already surrounds you. So, stop looking for what you need to change and focus on the beauty that already resides in your heart. I see that beauty in you, can you?” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Embracing Fear

“Dear one, open your heart and wrap your arms around your fear, rock it to your chest, and bring it into your heart space. Stop pushing it away for it will continue to haunt you until it’s been acknowledged. Stop playing mental games with it because fear does not have a rational brain. In truth, you fear fear itself, allowing it to paralyze you.

But fear offers us a gift, the gift to keep us safe, comfortable and free of harm, a necessary component when living in a human body. But there are no walls high enough, nor protection or advance preparation that will ever keep you safe. Nothing external can do that for you. Your true safely lies within a steadfast heart.

Fear cannot harm you. It is only an emotion, nothing more than a chemical reaction within your body to something based upon past experience. When it grips you, pause and take a deep, deep breath to interrupt its potent current of energy. Then sink into the present moment, into your internal sanctuary of the heart. There you will find the source of your wisdom and truth. Choices made from fear will close you down whereas choices made from love always expand your awareness and open the floodgates to more love. Only then, from a place of the lucidity of Love, can you choose a conscious action rather than an unconscious reaction.

Fear confines us, keeps us small, and blankets our magnificence. Crawl out from under that blanket and stop hiding things from yourself. There is no need to hide anymore. The sanctuary of your heart allows you to be exactly who you are in a space of pure Love. Listen to what fear has to say. Simply listen without discourse, free of judgment and with immeasurable compassion. Then with a new vision of understanding, transcend fear by releasing your old excuses, expectations and belief systems to open the way to a brilliant new reality.

So, take that first step, not with your feet, but with your heart where there is only Love. Once you release everything that’s not in alignment with love, all the pain and suffering is over. It is then that you shall experience your magnificent wholeness, your true divinity, and your highest self, your Christed Self, your God Self. Step into the now moment, look in the mirror and see the beauty of a magnificent you.”
~Black Madonna
June 24, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

The Way of the Madonna

“Oh my Blessed one, gaze around you. See all the delight in life, the beauty of nature, the abundant gifts of the earth and the magnificence of the human being. Awaken to the true essence of Life.

The human being is magnificent, created in the image of God! Do not allow your world’s oppression and negativity to seep into your sacred being. Step out of your unconscious role as victim and stand in the power of Love. When worldly circumstances challenge you, challenge yourself to release your judgments by offering the divinity of Love in its place. If you find the situation impossible, then quietly withdraw and offer love and compassion from afar, especially for those immersed in pain and fear.

For whenever we judge or strike out at another, we only continue to wound ourselves. This way of suffering must come to an end! It is time to expose your wounds and allow me to soothe them with the salves of Love, for the only hope we have is Love. Remember that I am always at your side to heal whatever seems incapable of love and compassion. Whenever you lose your way, I will tenderly bring you back, always with Love.

I implore of you, learn the way of the Living Madonna, the way of Love, Compassion and Harmony. Steep yourself in the essence of daily Love until you become the breath of it. Be Love. Teach Love by simply breathing its essence into everything you do. Then watch as others naturally become conscious of it with no effort on your part. This is the path we walk, the ability to love with each instance, each person, each moment. This is all that is being asked of you. This is all you are asking of yourself, nothing more.

Your path is the transformational path of Love, Compassion, Harmony and Joy. You are unerringly familiar with this for you’ve had many glimpses of it in the past. Recall those events as reminders of the joy and bliss that radiates from within the energy of Love. Although the initiation of this path can sometimes be a lonely one, soon my dear, many others will join us in the golden rays of Love. For if it is not of Love, it is nothing. This is the way of our future, the only way. All other paths are destined to fail.

You have chosen to be an example of the radiance of unconditional exponential Love. Know that you are so very blessed and supported in your commitment. Be grateful to the many Angels walking before you and behind you, not always of this world, nonetheless, they are present. They may not feel real to you, however the more time you spend in this realm of Love and Truth, the more comfortable this reality becomes. Draw upon all of us, call upon us. Allow us to continue to expand your aura of love. It is your true and only destiny. Without the presence of human love, we are incapable of anything on this planet.
We honor you for continuing to meet the challenges that present themselves as you step forward in Love. Our hearts are open to you and the grace of rose petals are sprinkled before you as you walk the way of the Living Madonna.”
~Black Madonna~
June 3, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000