The Way of the Madonna

“Oh my Blessed one, gaze around you. See all the delight in life, the beauty of nature, the abundant gifts of the earth and the magnificence of the human being. Awaken to the true essence of Life.

The human being is magnificent, created in the image of God! Do not allow your world’s oppression and negativity to seep into your sacred being. Step out of your unconscious role as victim and stand in the power of Love. When worldly circumstances challenge you, challenge yourself to release your judgments by offering the divinity of Love in its place. If you find the situation impossible, then quietly withdraw and offer love and compassion from afar, especially for those immersed in pain and fear.

For whenever we judge or strike out at another, we only continue to wound ourselves. This way of suffering must come to an end! It is time to expose your wounds and allow me to soothe them with the salves of Love, for the only hope we have is Love. Remember that I am always at your side to heal whatever seems incapable of love and compassion. Whenever you lose your way, I will tenderly bring you back, always with Love.

I implore of you, learn the way of the Living Madonna, the way of Love, Compassion and Harmony. Steep yourself in the essence of daily Love until you become the breath of it. Be Love. Teach Love by simply breathing its essence into everything you do. Then watch as others naturally become conscious of it with no effort on your part. This is the path we walk, the ability to love with each instance, each person, each moment. This is all that is being asked of you. This is all you are asking of yourself, nothing more.

Your path is the transformational path of Love, Compassion, Harmony and Joy. You are unerringly familiar with this for you’ve had many glimpses of it in the past. Recall those events as reminders of the joy and bliss that radiates from within the energy of Love. Although the initiation of this path can sometimes be a lonely one, soon my dear, many others will join us in the golden rays of Love. For if it is not of Love, it is nothing. This is the way of our future, the only way. All other paths are destined to fail.

You have chosen to be an example of the radiance of unconditional exponential Love. Know that you are so very blessed and supported in your commitment. Be grateful to the many Angels walking before you and behind you, not always of this world, nonetheless, they are present. They may not feel real to you, however the more time you spend in this realm of Love and Truth, the more comfortable this reality becomes. Draw upon all of us, call upon us. Allow us to continue to expand your aura of love. It is your true and only destiny. Without the presence of human love, we are incapable of anything on this planet.
We honor you for continuing to meet the challenges that present themselves as you step forward in Love. Our hearts are open to you and the grace of rose petals are sprinkled before you as you walk the way of the Living Madonna.”
~Black Madonna~
June 3, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000