Black Madonna Diaries

“Step off the pedestal of unattainable perceived perfection, and enter the passages of your heart where every action is already divinely perfect as the essence of pure Love.”

~ Black Madonna ~

During crucial historical times of fear statues of the Madonna, along with our feminine values, were buried for preservation then long forgotten. Imagine my surprise when one of these 500 year old Black Madonna statues, having been returned to the light of day, was passed through her linage of caretakers and cradled into my arms, stirring her own renaissance.

When I took that first precarious step off the pedestal in 1999, tossing my known persona with all my diplomas and credentials to the wind, I had no idea what awaited me. As a cherished daily companion the Black Madonna stepped into my life and turned it inside out by shepherding me to face my fears, relinquish my archaic beliefs and release the grip of my egoic self. She expanded my world into Universal consciousness and demanded that I step into my power with a full remembrance of who I Am. I embraced her guidance, plunged into the depths of love and excavated the feminine aspects hidden in the recesses of my heart to rebirth my authentic Self as a natural intuitive who speaks through the Divine languages of art, music and word to awaken the seeds of brilliance and love that lie dormant within each of us.

Many have said to me “I wish I had a Madonna to guide me like you do.” Well, my answer is this. The Divine Mother resides within every one of us with her ever-flowing love, compassion and grace. Simply call upon her to retract the veils to see the world through your own eyes of Divinity. Having a statue in my presence would have made no difference in my life had I not been willing to open to love, face the truth, make new choices and follow my own inner wisdom. In fact, I was as hard-headed as the wood the Madonna’s carved from. But once I accepted the responsibility of becoming a conscious creator, I realized it was not the Madonna who steered my way. It was, in fact, my higher Self, my Sacred Soul, my God-Self. The Madonna simply held me in unconditional love and dispelled the illusions by reflecting the Truth of who I am in a manner in which I was able to see it.  The midwifery of the Madonna empowered my conscious rebirth as the Holy Child, a Divine Human, God incarnate in a physical body. You, too, are pregnant with the Holy Child, ready to playfully delight in the creation of new realities. The birthing contractions have begun. Your God-Self patiently awaits and your Soul path is open to you.

So, who is the Madonna?

Look in the mirror and there she is . . . the feminine face of God reflected as you. The sacred cauldron of your heart bubbles with the gifts of each of your Feminine Aspects: the Love and Grace of Mother Mary, Compassion of Quan Yin, Truth of Magdalyn, Ancient Wisdom of Isis, Alchemy of Kali, Peace of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Nurturance of Gaia and the Joy and Playfulness of the Fae.

The Madonna has stepped off the pedestal upon which we have placed her and asked us to do the same by stepping off our pedestals of unattainable perceived perfection into the passages of our hearts. Are you ready to dive deeply enough to find the juicy passion, joy of life and secret of creation that lies within you? Are you willing to go beyond your old limitations of fear and doubt to embody the ultimate power of Love? Can you perceive of creating an extraordinary new reality?

Our current world is in chaos. The waves of transformation are rippling through us. The birthing pains have begun and time is running out. As our personal midwife, Madonna offers hope amidst our global epic changes and empowers us to rise above the upheavals in our lives. By opening us to more love, compassion and joy than we can possibly imagine, she rekindles our juicy passion to fulfill our heart’s yearnings. She induces us to dive deeply into our expanded consciousness and embody the power of Source as creative geniuses in Divine human form to birth a magnificent new reality.

As a global community we are reawakening to the wisdom of Sophia to bring balance to the masculinity of our world and cultivate new harmonious relationships for our children and our children’s children. The proliferation of apparitions and miracles of the Divine Mother to people of all faiths, religions, tribes and cultures and the abundance of books written about the Madonna attests to our yearning to better know and understand her. But the majority of these books hold her at arm’s length by intellectually interpreting scripture or placing her beyond us in the clouds of heaven.

By sharing the “Diaries of the Black Madonna I am restoring the lost Madonna to her desired place in our personal present day lives as a beloved soul mate. I most humbly offer these passages as an invitation to expand into your own personal experiences of agape as the infinite Source of Love. May they inspire you to acknowledge your inner wisdom, joyfully rekindle your hidden passions, reclaim your own Divine power and become your outrageous creative Self.

I’ve found walking with the Madonna is much like an Oreo cookie, with love on one side of the sandwich and joy on the other. In the middle it can get rather gooey.  Learning how to best partake of our day to day diet is the journey that we walk, realizing that no matter what presents itself, it’s not as black and white as it appears to be, and it’s all sweet.


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