Divine Path

“Dear one, the gift in being human is your ability to experience life. There are no lessons, no wrong choices, only the intimate experience of life. There is no destination, there is only this beautiful, juicy, enlightening journey of expanding your Divinity.

What are you looking for? You’re always looking ahead, searching for all the answers, focusing on the destination, coveting new things. Then, just when you reach it or attain it, something else presents itself, does it not? No wonder you get so frustrated, never having all the answers, always wanting something more, thinking that you’ve never attained success.

Success does not lie in acquisitions, accomplishments or knowing all the answers. Many of your experiences were simply signposts, not the terse lessons you assumed them to be. Sometimes you only needed the appetizer, a taste was enough. Yet you judge that as failure.

True success lies in the ability to be content with life as it presents itself and live each of those moments to the fullest. Happiness, contentment and peace of mind are naturally present when you’re in balance with your values and intuition, live life from the still point within, and trust your internal wisdom. It lies in seeing and appreciating the juice of life.

You are now in the process of unraveling and transforming these old beliefs. Living amongst those who project theirs upon you can have its challenges. But you are not failing in your role as you seem to think you are. Know that this innate process provides you with the strength and understanding to trust your own wisdom. Whenever others judge you, allow it to be so. Step aside, but do not back away from your own beliefs, nor force them upon others. Simply allow them to come to their own conclusions while you continue forward in the truth of who you are. For you are the Beloved, as are they.

Put your fears aside. Your divine path is clear and open to you. Release your concerns about living up to your destiny, for it shall always find you. Seek, and it shall find you; seek not, and it shall still find you. It’s impossible to miss the clues and the guidance being offered, for they constantly bombard you. The Universe only knows how to support life, not inhibit it. So stop trying so hard and just focus on enjoying life. As you do so, you will notice your destiny interwoven in all of your actions.

Sink into the depth of your heart, dear one, and know that you are already on your Divine Path.” ~The Living Madonna~

© The Living Madonna, December 27, 2002