Expanded Reality

“A whole new world is coming into view as you re-awaken to your expanded consciousness. Although it may seem so, this is not a new reality. For it has been here since the beginning of time, hidden within the distortions of your mind.

As you allow the old constraints to melt away your vision will shift. You will open you to see with a new set of eyes, the eyes of the heart. Reality lies within the heart. Illusion is created by the mind. Sink fully into your heart and you shall see that which has eluded you. Open your mind to what already exists and you shall find yourself living in this delightfully expanded reality. It really is that simple.

Stop trying to figure it out, for you cannot. Neither your brain nor your mind will ever understand, because the deceptions of the human mind are an attempt to avoid its fear of the unknown. Thus, it is only through your heart that you can know the truth. So gently relax into your heart and allow Love to lead.

This is not about changing your reality. It’s about expanding your awareness of it. By living in the present moment, you will hear with a new set of ears. By observing beyond the obvious, you will see with a new set of eyes. Soon enough you will re-awaken to your human Divinity.

So stop puppeting others in order to fit into their old agendas. Honor your differences, for the diversity of man is the path to expansion, not uniformity. The more you honor your sovereignty, the sooner your mind will outgrow the old molds and recognize your unique expression of Divinity.

Know this!  The molds have been broken. You can no longer fit into them. The more you try, the harder life will become. The support for your present materialistic lifestyle has shifted. We are a planet of Love. We are a planet of diversity. Expansion is upon us, expansion of the heart and soul.

Look beyond the obvious and you shall find the bliss that you planted there as the seed of life, true life. Not the superficial life that you have been living while only partially awake and aware. Nurture this seed. Protect it. Live in the fullness of your passion for that is the fertile ground in which it grows. Watch these seeds blossom with a new sweet fragrance that infiltrates your everyday life. Breathe it in, Beloved, breathe it in.

So long forgotten to you, you’re now aware of your Divinity in all of its glory. Dance in the Light. Expand in Love. Sing with the Joy that bubbles up from within. Be the Beloved unto yourself and all who cross your path . . . . therein lies a whole new way of life for all of Humanity.”

~Black Madonna ~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000