Voice of Kali

“I am the Kali, the Goddess of Transformation who assists in maintaining the balance of Universal order. My fire is a gift of purification in the alchemy of transformation.

I walk before you in the wake of change. Pay attention, heed the warnings, see the signs, listen to your internal wisdom. These stirrings offer you the opportunity to flow with the natural cycles of the universe in grace rather than allowing them to catch you by surprise in the chaos and pain brought about by attempting to overpower them.

Life changes and so must you. But life’s perceived obstacles are simply a reminder to pause, change your angle of perception, and possibly change directions. Remove the shackles of the old bereaved belief systems, for if your current life patterns are not restructured they shall crumble from beneath you leaving you standing on uneven ground. When the earth quakes, things will collapse and you may find yourself digging through the rubble to reveal the multitude of treasures that have been patiently awaiting your embrace.

Beware, I will push you beyond your comfort zone to find the innate power of your full potential. It is your internal transformation that allows you to connect into your angelic Self to rise above the old like a phoenix rising from the ashes. As the forms of an old culture die, and the illusion disappears, meet me in the cauldron of the heart, which lies between the worlds of black and white, good and bad, positive and negative, leaving the extremities of duality behind.

When you heed my call by stepping away from the old and welcoming the new on a daily basis, you dispel the discordant energies and invite harmony into your world. I am here in service to you. Allow me, Kali, to smooth the path of change with grace and bring harmony to your Soul Song once again.” ~Kali~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Open to Receive

“Dear one, because you are a spiritual being in manifest form, the wealth of the Universe is at your fingertips as a natural birthright. As a human being, you are here to create from your ever-flowing passion and experience unprecedented abundance in all areas of your life.

Many humans are entrenched in the core belief, whether consciously or unconsciously, that in order to be spiritual they must live a humbled life of poverty. This is a contorted misunderstanding. The laws of nature address relinquishing ownership, not to live in poverty, but to live in constant wealth with everything provided in each and every moment.

Wealth does not lie in owning things, but in the pure enjoyment of them. Because of our insecurities and fear of lack, we possess things, accumulate things, and hold onto things, which only arrests the flow of energy causing everything to flow around us rather than to or through us.

But does this accumulation of things really offered true security? Do you, in fact, own anything? Think about it. Everything you own could be swept away in an instant through one act of nature. In fact, the only things that can’t be taken from you are the ones you have willingly given away. In reality, in your daily life you use what you need and when that need is fulfilled, you pass it on to someone else or return it to the earth in one way or another. This is the truth of Universal law. It is not necessary to “own” anything, because we already own it all.

We each live upon the self-sustaining love and light of Source. As a sovereign being, we have our own support system and simply need to tap into it. Nothing outside of ourselves can do that for us. We are a universe unto ourselves because we’ve been born with everything we need. But we have been seduced into thinking it is supplied from outside of ourselves. And that is an untruth. We have been living at the hand of society’s delusion.

Transform your core beliefs: A spiritual person is healthy, wealthy, and wise, living in infinite abundance.
It’s time to pull back the veils, especially in regard to money. Our currency is nothing more than a unique form of energy, a material form created to maintain balance in the current exchange between groups or individuals. But that which has solidified into a financial institution has become skewed and balance no longer exists. When we ignore or abuse our relationship with money it has the potential to become toxic and effect our lives in debilitating ways that encase us in fear and stop us in our tracks.

Realizing money is not the measurement of our true wealth allows the freedom to live life in the manner in which we choose, something money can never buy. Money is not our security. Nor is it power. The security and power that we seek lies within. Our inner sanctum is the only safe place where we shall ever find the comfort, contentment, and joy we seek.

Become intimately aware of the desires of your heart and let go of your expectations of how abundance shows up in your life. Go to sleep each night as an empty vessel by returning everything to the Universe from whence it came and open to the unlimited potentials with gratitude in your heart so your cup can be refilled anew.

Financial exchange, as a way to keep the energy flowing, is a healthy part of our lives. As spiritual beings we can introduce new models where relationships hold precedence over territorial rights and cooperation eclipses competition. By exorcising new creative approaches we can offer our sacred gifts in exchange for what’s needed to live and play in a healthy holistic manner. Then, dear ones, currency will begin to take on a whole new form.

Open to receive from the loving ever-benevolent Universe. Our chalice is always overflowing. Accept this abundance as it was originally intended. Trust in the natural flow of the Universe knowing that the pure essence of your soul, that permeates every experience, attracts whatever you desire into your life and there are no limits to what you can accomplish! Now, let’s go play.”
~Black Madonna~
October 20, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000