Home Within

“Welcome home, my beloved. Where you go I go, where you rest I rest, as you love I love. Our hearts beat as one.

But where is home? Is it a location, a structure, the things that surround us? Is it a country, a culture, family, friends or a specific person? Home is the sanctum of your heart and everything that surrounds you is an expression of who you are. Your external world is a reflection of your internal reality.

Do not allow your superficial environment to determine who you are. You have become too dependent on your external senses and entrenched in your mind. Facts are facts, only as long as you believe them. The earth was believed flat, now you know it to be round. Once you change your mind the old facts no longer hold relevance and simply fade away. Belief systems are no different. They’re not Universal Law, they are simple thought-forms created by man. So do not allow them to rule your life. It is the wisdom and law of your heart that holds true.

Go within. Spend intimate time in your internal sacred space. Bask in it. Be nurtured by it. This is where all your dreams lie awaiting your soft caress. This is where you shall find pure contentment in life, not in what surrounds you.

The external world only serves to complicate your life. When you live from your heart, your actions are interwoven with your divinity, troubles fade, and life flows with ease and grace. I invite you to drop your bags in the inner sanctum of your heart and leave them here. Welcome home, beloved one.”
~Black Madonna~
September 10, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000