The End of Suffering

“I cry these tears for all who are unable to cry, unable to touch into the tender center of their hearts, unable to express their pain. The time of shame, blame, guilt, sorrow, hopelessness and despair is coming to a close. May we leave it all behind and relinquish the need for suffering by opening to the embrace of love and compassion that heals all.
I bless each and every one who gazes upon me. I offer healing, love, compassion and the embodiment of divinity. Some call these miracles. I call it unification with the Divine. I implore you to soften your heart to accept the divinity within you. Open to the miracles of life to live in its fullness once again. Know that the day of celebration approaches when my tears will cease because we shall be living in peace, love, and harmony.

Blessed one, I honor you. I bless you for choosing the divine path of the Madonna for it is not always an easy one, but my strength and courage continue to carry you forward. As your fearlessness, love and joy expand, you experience the vitality of life that touches all those whose eyes you meet.

Know that your path is a sacred one. Be sure to treat it as such. You have endured and transcended the suffering. As such you now walk the path of illuminated grace. My heart beats with your heart, always open, never to close again. My love radiates through you. Go in peace and continue to share our miracles with the world.”
~La Macarena~
December 8, 1999

This message was received from La Macarena, the crying Madonna, in a cathedral in Seville Spain. Famous for the miracles she has performed over the years, her museum full of gifts and clothing from royalty and peasants alike. Several times a year this life-sized Madonna is paraded through the streets in her jewel covered robes and crowns gifted to her throughout history.

©  Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000