In the Footsteps of the Divine Mother

“Come, come, journey with me, arm in arm, walking in the sacred footsteps of the Divine Mother. Our path is blessed by those who walk ahead preparing the way, dropping petals of grace that we may tread lightly. Our radiance lights the way and our love opens all doors.

I, the eternal Mother wrap my arms around you nurturing you in love and joy to empower you to step into the desires of you heart. I enfold you in the infinite power of Love. I breathe all of who I am into you, into your heart. Drink, drink me in. Continually draw upon the essence of the Mother as we walk the path of One heart birthing a new world of love, peace and harmony, all the while singing our exuberant songs of joy.

Live in grace, dear one, allowing it to pave the way. When bumps in the path appear, simply step back quietly to gain a different perspective. Then proceed around them in gentleness, content in the flow of life at its own pace. Sometimes life is as exhilarating as the rapids in the river. Other times it is the stillness of the pond that reaps the rewards. Allowing the cycles of life to lead soothes the soul. It is here you shall find eternal peace.

By leaving doubt and judgment behind, all that opens before us shall be seen through a new set of eyes, the eyes of the Mother. Allow courage to carry you forward as we continue to trust in the divine unfoldment of life. Realize that where we journey is not as important as how. It is how we walk in the world that matters, how we walk in love, how we walk in beauty, how we walk in peace. The simplicity of this shall become the salvation of the world.

See the glory in the truth of who you are and dare to stand in that truth despite what those around you think. Oh it may come with its challenges for some, but allow them to challenge themselves as you quietly rise above all that is not rooted in love.

Always look forward in delight. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to provide fulfillment, to make the heart sing. So, sing with me, oh divine one, sing. The song has been quieted for far too long. Join me in the eternal cosmic song of Love and Joy.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Unconditional Acceptance

“My dearest one, step off the pedestal of your perceived perfected self into the peace of unconditional acceptance. In your acute desire to be the perfect perception of your highest Self, you are constantly scrutinizing yourself to fix that which is broken, wrong, and diseased. Your life is spent aiming for a false sense of perfected enlightenment. But what is enlightenment?

Beyond that, you’ve done others the same disservice by perching them on this same precarious pedestal, individually as well as groups, including the world at large. In doing so, you’ve negated the rite to love everyone one for who they are. Of course, it is with the highest intentions. But this constant criticism is taking its toll on humanity.

Recognize this obsession with perfectionism as a symptom of fear, the fear of never being enough, the fear of never being worthy of love. Beloved One, You are already love, how can you possibly be unworthy of what you already are?
This eroding belief of unworthiness requires immediate transformation. With the loving grace of the Goddess let us consider an effortless way to move through it. Simply put all your expectations and attachments aside because those are the things against which you judge.

Many age-old attachments and desires carry within them a linage of specific expectations. Peace, for instance, does not necessarily mean quiet. Internal stillness, yes, but that differs from quiet. Can you be in the stillness while surrounded by the ripples of chaos? That, dear one, is real peace. Peace is found when you can turn away from distractions, refocus your mind and go within to the stillness that resides in your heart.

And what of love? Why do you limit your acceptance of love? For love given, you expect love in return? Why not simply share the abundance of your love and allow it to flourish, for you can’t give something you don’t already have. When you can see every action as an action of love by being able to give and accept without any agendas, then you will know the truth of Love.
By focusing on unconditional acceptance of yourself and others you can open to love by allowing and empowering each of you to live the fullness of your dreams. Then step back and watch as your innate perfection blossoms, expands and shows its full array of colors.

A change in your perspective is all that’s called for. In accepting things as they are, nothing resists you, and nothing recoils back at you. The search for that illusive spark of love lies in the innocence of a child. That Love can be so-easily found by aligning with your heart, where it bubbles in a constant froth of passion.

Love where you are on the way to where you’re going. It really is as simple as living in gratitude for what already surrounds you. So, stop looking for what you need to change and focus on the beauty that already resides in your heart. I see that beauty in you, can you?” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Desires of the Heart

“Every time you ignore the desires of your heart, you block the Divinity of your future. Recognize that your dreams are the steppingstones to your destiny and your passion the validation of you tapping into your true purpose. It all lies in that deep quiet place within and bubbles forth when you’re in alignment with the yearnings of your heart. Following your passion opens the flow to everything you desire and need. Be open and willing to accept these gifts, then eliminate everything in your life that no longer aligns with these choices.

Sometimes we must surrender and release much in our lives that no longer serves us in order to make room for what our heart knows is ours. Often you may feel as though you have lost something but there was no loss. What you gained was peace. And there is no price for peace.

So don’t bring anything into your life without a request from your heart, otherwise you are living in falsehood. These are the true lies, the ones you make to yourself. The others are of no avail because they don’t really affect you. You may think they do, but they only affect those who do the lying. For what they loose is your trust and the trust in themselves, without which there is nothing of value in this life.

To manifest a future of your choice, be clear in what you desire and live it in the present moment. Make not these choices based on past experience, for the past comes with limitations while your future lies wide open. Time cannot be harnessed or controlled. When we live within a mind that’s always projecting forward we lose our opportunity to consciously shape the future through the power of our full presence. Therefore our future comes without regard to our consciousness, but rather by default with a constant longing. Our future can only be shaped by our actions in the present moment. The past is but a memory and the future yet to come. So the only moment, in truth, is now.

Contentment in life is simple. If you’re not content then you’re living from your pre-programmed intelligence rather than from the Truth of your Heart. It is here, in your heart, that you can lose your True Self. Your heart knows heaven and is guiding you to your kingdom of heaven on earth. So sit quietly and listen. Follow its gentle urgings. Do not act without complete surrender to your heart’s desires. Choose to live heaven now. Don’t put it off for the future. Choose it! Live it! Live your Love! Live your Joy! Live your Bliss! And those around you will have no choice but to do the same.”
~Black Madonna~
October 17, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000