Moving beyond Sin and Punishment

“Dear hearts, God does not punish, only man punishes. It’s no wonder you don’t understand a God of punishment, because he doesn’t exist. God is Love, pure and simple. Just as we are Love, pure and simple.

At our core, in our heart space, we are all whole and complete. Unfortunately many religions have taught you that you’re flawed in your nature. Thus you’ve spent lifetimes asking for forgiveness for who you are. You lost your sense of divinity and balance was forfeited. As a result you now live in a world of imbalanced duality in which humanity has fostered punishment.

In your patriarchal system, the masculine principles have been overriding the feminine for eons of time. The masculine is rooted in the mind. He is the spark that initiates action. He is the sperm that conceives life in the womb of the feminine. But without the feminine, the womb of creation is missing. Life created by man alone is superficial, whereas life birthed from the receptive womb of the woman is all-encompassing. She nurtures and allows life to unfold in its innate perfection. Both are necessary for birthing and maintaining life, neither can stand alone and survive. Men will need to create a space for women to empower them to bring the world back into balance so we can all continue to grow and expand.

The Goddess, who has been patiently waiting in the wings, is now stepping forth to stand beside her male consort in love. The feminine principles of caring and receptivity, long overshadowed on the planet by ego-based power structures, can blossom once again. As we bring these dissonant energies back into balance the energies of separation will dissolve and people will remember how to connect with their hearts and their intuition.

Within our heart there is no separation. We are able to hold all the parts, no right or wrong, no judgment and thus no punishment. Duality was simply part of our earth’s cycle: to know love more fully, we chose to experience living without it. But know ye, the times of punishment shall come to an end when we are all able to see the world from a new perspective. We are each the embodiment of Love.

God does not punish and repentance is only of value if it inspires healthy changes that restore our self-love, the love that we have all lost. The only true punishment is the withholding of love, the worst of which is when we withhold it from ourselves. If sin exists, then that is the only sin. That is hell. Neither God, nor the Goddess ever withholds Love.”

~ Mother Mary ~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000