Positive Expectations

“The Goddess always appears with a gift, a magnificent gift. But it’s up to you to undo its wrappings. In this case, to untie the strings that bind your heart you need to follow the Angel of Doubt into your chaos and turmoil to gain the gift of clarity. The Angel of Doubt is an expert at reflecting the truth of your magnificence from within the misty clouds. Through all your mind’s ‘what-ifs’ she will gently guide you to the most advantageous and abundant outcome because the Universe only knows benevolence.

By focusing on the present moment you can slice through the falsehoods and illusions, allowing everything to present itself in divine sequence, one moment at a time, one breath at a time. Within this breath, you have everything you need. Within this breath, overwhelm melts away. Worry begets fear. Trust begets peace of mind. So allow the Angel of Doubt to guide you to your divine peace of mind.

Dear one, it is vital for you to see through the illusions and continue to hold true to all of your personal values, dreams, and positive expectations for they attract the sacred rainbow of colors to your life’s pallet. As you hold that paintbrush in your hand, realize that in order for your magnificent new life to unfold, your antiquated beliefs, thoughts and emotions need to be resolved. Release your grasp and allow the old to diminish on its own accord, recognizing this as a state of expansion, not loss.

Take note of the internal battle between the part of you that desires the new vs. the part that fears the release of the old and questions the validity of your proposals. Accept this as a natural process of new creation co-existing within the energies of the old and have immense compassion for yourself during this phase. Do not deny your feelings of loss, the friendships, goals, dreams nor the material things. Understand that some of the people in your life may continue in dreams you’ve set aside because it may still be their chosen path. However, yours has shifted and these prior dreams no longer hold any value for you.

Many of your current experiences are based in a new reality, not easily understood by others. Despite opposing opinions, continue to hold true to your heart’s yearnings. Cradle them with love for they are still somewhat veiled and fragile. As life itself guides you, continue to embrace them with positive expectations remembering that you are supported in each and every step. Never relinquish your heart’s passions, needs or desires, for this is a time to expand them, not diminish them. This is the time to discover your true magnificence!

Many good things are coming your way. Life is so exhilarating and delightful if you allow it to be. As a child you lived in innocence, embracing the new with excitement and anticipation, fully present in the delight of the divine unfoldment of life. Why not live that way again?”
~Black Madonna~
©  Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Divine Path

“Dear one, the gift in being human is your ability to experience life. There are no lessons, no wrong choices, only the intimate experience of life. There is no destination, there is only this beautiful, juicy, enlightening journey of expanding your Divinity.

What are you looking for? You’re always looking ahead, searching for all the answers, focusing on the destination, coveting new things. Then, just when you reach it or attain it, something else presents itself, does it not? No wonder you get so frustrated, never having all the answers, always wanting something more, thinking that you’ve never attained success.

Success does not lie in acquisitions, accomplishments or knowing all the answers. Many of your experiences were simply signposts, not the terse lessons you assumed them to be. Sometimes you only needed the appetizer, a taste was enough. Yet you judge that as failure.

True success lies in the ability to be content with life as it presents itself and live each of those moments to the fullest. Happiness, contentment and peace of mind are naturally present when you’re in balance with your values and intuition, live life from the still point within, and trust your internal wisdom. It lies in seeing and appreciating the juice of life.

You are now in the process of unraveling and transforming these old beliefs. Living amongst those who project theirs upon you can have its challenges. But you are not failing in your role as you seem to think you are. Know that this innate process provides you with the strength and understanding to trust your own wisdom. Whenever others judge you, allow it to be so. Step aside, but do not back away from your own beliefs, nor force them upon others. Simply allow them to come to their own conclusions while you continue forward in the truth of who you are. For you are the Beloved, as are they.

Put your fears aside. Your divine path is clear and open to you. Release your concerns about living up to your destiny, for it shall always find you. Seek, and it shall find you; seek not, and it shall still find you. It’s impossible to miss the clues and the guidance being offered, for they constantly bombard you. The Universe only knows how to support life, not inhibit it. So stop trying so hard and just focus on enjoying life. As you do so, you will notice your destiny interwoven in all of your actions.

Sink into the depth of your heart, dear one, and know that you are already on your Divine Path.” ~The Living Madonna~

© The Living Madonna, December 27, 2002

The Way of the Madonna

“Oh my Blessed one, gaze around you. See all the delight in life, the beauty of nature, the abundant gifts of the earth and the magnificence of the human being. Awaken to the true essence of Life.

The human being is magnificent, created in the image of God! Do not allow your world’s oppression and negativity to seep into your sacred being. Step out of your unconscious role as victim and stand in the power of Love. When worldly circumstances challenge you, challenge yourself to release your judgments by offering the divinity of Love in its place. If you find the situation impossible, then quietly withdraw and offer love and compassion from afar, especially for those immersed in pain and fear.

For whenever we judge or strike out at another, we only continue to wound ourselves. This way of suffering must come to an end! It is time to expose your wounds and allow me to soothe them with the salves of Love, for the only hope we have is Love. Remember that I am always at your side to heal whatever seems incapable of love and compassion. Whenever you lose your way, I will tenderly bring you back, always with Love.

I implore of you, learn the way of the Living Madonna, the way of Love, Compassion and Harmony. Steep yourself in the essence of daily Love until you become the breath of it. Be Love. Teach Love by simply breathing its essence into everything you do. Then watch as others naturally become conscious of it with no effort on your part. This is the path we walk, the ability to love with each instance, each person, each moment. This is all that is being asked of you. This is all you are asking of yourself, nothing more.

Your path is the transformational path of Love, Compassion, Harmony and Joy. You are unerringly familiar with this for you’ve had many glimpses of it in the past. Recall those events as reminders of the joy and bliss that radiates from within the energy of Love. Although the initiation of this path can sometimes be a lonely one, soon my dear, many others will join us in the golden rays of Love. For if it is not of Love, it is nothing. This is the way of our future, the only way. All other paths are destined to fail.

You have chosen to be an example of the radiance of unconditional exponential Love. Know that you are so very blessed and supported in your commitment. Be grateful to the many Angels walking before you and behind you, not always of this world, nonetheless, they are present. They may not feel real to you, however the more time you spend in this realm of Love and Truth, the more comfortable this reality becomes. Draw upon all of us, call upon us. Allow us to continue to expand your aura of love. It is your true and only destiny. Without the presence of human love, we are incapable of anything on this planet.
We honor you for continuing to meet the challenges that present themselves as you step forward in Love. Our hearts are open to you and the grace of rose petals are sprinkled before you as you walk the way of the Living Madonna.”
~Black Madonna~
June 3, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000