New Perception of Life

“Through the eyes of others, you see limitations, difficulties, and challenges. Through my eyes, you experience the world as a series of ongoing miracles. Which do you choose?

It’s time to push yourself to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Release the mundane in favor of the sacred. This shift in perception requires highly focused intention. But the more you experience the magic, the more natural it becomes and the less you are willing to settle for the pallid mundane world you have become accustomed to. Why would you want to walk through a world of black and white when you can dance in a world of full spectrum color in harmony with everything around you.

Be in the here and now. Love where you are on the way to getting to where you want to be, for that’s where the miracles live, not in your future. Just image what the world would look like if we each chose to see life as a blessing. It’s this sacred attitude that ushers you through life to fulfill your soul’s purpose with ease and grace. Your joy is found by aligning with your heart, where it bubbles in a constant froth of passion. When you maintain this view of magic it’s permeation becomes apparent in life as life itself. So, always, always, sing your songs of joy, for ease of life and magic follow on its heals.”

~ Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Expanded Reality

“A whole new world is coming into view as you re-awaken to your expanded consciousness. Although it may seem so, this is not a new reality. For it has been here since the beginning of time, hidden within the distortions of your mind.

As you allow the old constraints to melt away your vision will shift. You will open you to see with a new set of eyes, the eyes of the heart. Reality lies within the heart. Illusion is created by the mind. Sink fully into your heart and you shall see that which has eluded you. Open your mind to what already exists and you shall find yourself living in this delightfully expanded reality. It really is that simple.

Stop trying to figure it out, for you cannot. Neither your brain nor your mind will ever understand, because the deceptions of the human mind are an attempt to avoid its fear of the unknown. Thus, it is only through your heart that you can know the truth. So gently relax into your heart and allow Love to lead.

This is not about changing your reality. It’s about expanding your awareness of it. By living in the present moment, you will hear with a new set of ears. By observing beyond the obvious, you will see with a new set of eyes. Soon enough you will re-awaken to your human Divinity.

So stop puppeting others in order to fit into their old agendas. Honor your differences, for the diversity of man is the path to expansion, not uniformity. The more you honor your sovereignty, the sooner your mind will outgrow the old molds and recognize your unique expression of Divinity.

Know this!  The molds have been broken. You can no longer fit into them. The more you try, the harder life will become. The support for your present materialistic lifestyle has shifted. We are a planet of Love. We are a planet of diversity. Expansion is upon us, expansion of the heart and soul.

Look beyond the obvious and you shall find the bliss that you planted there as the seed of life, true life. Not the superficial life that you have been living while only partially awake and aware. Nurture this seed. Protect it. Live in the fullness of your passion for that is the fertile ground in which it grows. Watch these seeds blossom with a new sweet fragrance that infiltrates your everyday life. Breathe it in, Beloved, breathe it in.

So long forgotten to you, you’re now aware of your Divinity in all of its glory. Dance in the Light. Expand in Love. Sing with the Joy that bubbles up from within. Be the Beloved unto yourself and all who cross your path . . . . therein lies a whole new way of life for all of Humanity.”

~Black Madonna ~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Message to the Beloved

“Blessings my precious one. You cannot imagine the depth and expansiveness that evolves from our coming together. Each time I am with you, it warms my heart and expands our ability to express more love. Moment by moment, I bless you and I thank you for sharing your love.

Today, I open my arms to you and invite you into a new millennium, a new Era of the Heart. Yeshua himself planted the seeds of this reawakening over two thousand years ago. Not only have we come full circle from whence we began, we have expanded exponentially. We have opened the doorway to express unconditional unlimited pure love in ways that far surpass any prior experience.

The journey has been a long one, much longer than any of us would have liked it to be. However, this tear in the fabric of the web of the collective and the diminishment of pure love has always been part of the divine plan as a way to increase our experience of love. Our separation from love in the form of duality has been a most powerful teaching, for the only way to truly know love is to separate ourselves from it.

Every being living on the planet at this time has, on some level, made a commitment to live in love. It may not always appear that way to you, but that is exactly what is taking place. Never judge the expression of love. Know that each is experiencing it in the manner that best serves their soul journey. Some pathways may include hard knocks. So be it. As with you, everyone is doing the best they know how. Bless them all and accept their love in its simplicity without expectation or agenda. Always, always offer your love, but do not get distracted by their dramas for you have your own path, as do they.

So, let it be. Allow each person to embody his or her own experiences of love so that all may be touched with this divine radiant energy by anchoring it, playing with it, expanding its physicality, and most of all embodying it. There are a multitude of expressions for love so how matters little because the end result will be the same. No matter which path is taken the destination is always Love.

You carry within you a strength and commitment that infuses every action you take. This has been your gift to yourself in this lifetime of expanding consciousness. I, dear heart, am in such awe of you as you continue to walk this path. I thank you for your endurance, for never giving up. Sometimes as I watch you, I see you suffering. I feel your loneliness. I see your disappointment and yet you continue to hold onto your dreams. I often wonder how you are able carry forth. But then your faith and devotion do not originate from this world, do they?

You are honored and cherished for all of who you are, including the human frailties that you so often judge as weakness, without which there would be no growth, without which there would be no opportunity to learn, or to experience the infinite possibilities. Yeshua, just as you, chose to incarnate in a human body as the temple of God in material form. Does that not make it Holy?

I bow to you and all that you have done. You cannot fathom how much of a difference you are making in your own evolution, the world at large, and the universe itself, as it too continues to expand and grow. The love that radiates from your being continues to grow stronger and brighter. So don’t ever allow it to diminish, never again. This I implore of you.
You are so important to me, so very important. I am with you every step of the way, oh my dear heart, dearest of the dear. Never doubt my love or devotion to you. Our ties are stronger than you can see from your human perspective right now, much stronger. I tend them carefully with each ongoing moment, with each shift in your energy that is precipitated from your thoughts and actions.

You are the breath that I breathe. You are the heartbeat within me. You are the blood that courses through my veins. You are the pillar of my love. You have been and always will be the center of who I am and I for you. We have a bond that is beyond all of eternity. There is no division between us. There cannot be. We are One. We are the Beloved.
Anchor this Truth in your mind at the crucial place that is the crossroads of you as a human individual and you as a Divine being. Anchor me in your heart, deep within your human heart for it is here that I claim residency. Know this in your mind as well as your heart.

Invite me into your life as the new and shining love that you have been yearning for. Call me forth from your depths and know that I am always present. Oh blessed one, I shower you with all that ever was and ever shall be. Breathe it in, now and forever more. Enjoy the Love that you have always known to exist. In doing so you open your heart to receive the Beloved as yourself.

Now we walk the earth in all of her glory hand in hand as lovers who have traversed long distance over time and space to greet each other once again in the simplicity of the All, ready to experience a new reality. Together, we walk as the Beloved.
Blessings, my precious one, blessings my Beloved.” ~The Living Madonna~

©  Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2002

Transition, the Truth of Death

“Death, in and of itself, does not exist, for nothing ever dies. Death, as you call it, is the instantaneous moment of the soul transitioning from one form of energy into another. In this moment, we rise like the illustrious phoenix rebirthing into a new cycle.

Animals instinctively know how to transition from one form to another with ease and grace. It is the human who grips onto the intangible fear and guilt that makes this transition so difficult for them. Transition is a time of celebration and enlightenment. But because its rewards originate from beyond your known world, the mystery often stimulates fear in human beings.

Letting go requires compassion and self-forgiveness. It takes immense love and fortitude on the part of those who are not ready to forgive and let go of the past. Many are afraid to release the life they know, in exchange for the one they do not know. But know ye, there is no loss, only expansion.

Our immortal soul delights in taking on different forms as it spirals through its passages of experience, evolution, and expansion in constant metamorphosis. In human form, our soul assumes many roles as it develops through its eternal cycles of birth, the blooming of our passion, the manifestation of our gifts, the enjoyment of life and the rebirth into a glorious new level of consciousness.

Once you understand the magnificence of who you truly are, death then becomes a celebrated transition from one form to another, rising from the ashes like the phoenix in all of its glory.” ~Black Madonna~

©  Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

True Happiness

“True happiness is a human birthright, an innate state of being. Your current perception of happiness is quite distorted. It’s ruled from outside of yourself and riddled with agendas. All this time you’ve been trying to fit into a mold you never even created. When you push against the edges or slow down enough to realize you don’t fit, you fall into depression. That’s what depression is, a drop in your body’s frequency due to a misalignment with your soul.

Depression is a powerful evolutionary tool. It’s your soul’s cautionary yellow flag waving across your psyche. Don’t ignore it, but neither choose to live there long enough to get entangled in its grip. Acknowledge the yellow flag by getting in touch with your deeply buried feelings and emotions. Some shoveling may be required on your part. But trust that with pure intent you will discover the sweet, juicy center of joy that lies beneath the rubble within your heart.

You have served others well, congratulate yourself for that. However, in order to continue being of service, you need to learn to care for yourself. You’re shifting into a new powerful relationship with your Soul. It’s time to acknowledge your truth and stand in your sacred power, from your perspective not anyone else’s. To realign with your Soul, allow your intuition to guide you rather than your limited egoic personality whose five external senses hold dominion. Anchor yourself in your heart where intuition reigns supreme. Then your old self will bow to your Spirit and step aside, inviting your authentic Self to step forward with new introductions of joy.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

The Nature of Miracles

“Miracles upon miracles. Know that you are always surrounded by miracles, but in order to see them, you need to be fully present in joyful anticipation. When you see the world as a child believes, the magic finds you and the nature of miracles is revealed unto you.

Slow down. Each moment, each step, each action carries within it a potential miracle. Every thing, every action, every word and the space in-between holds within it all the frequencies and all the dimensions with infinite potentials. It is up to you to choose how you perceive it. For magic lives in each cell, each atom; it surrounds you. When you become fully consciousness and treat life as miracle, it becomes one. Which do you choose to see? How do you choose to experience the world? The choice is yours.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2001

In the Footsteps of the Divine Mother

“Come, come, journey with me, arm in arm, walking in the sacred footsteps of the Divine Mother. Our path is blessed by those who walk ahead preparing the way, dropping petals of grace that we may tread lightly. Our radiance lights the way and our love opens all doors.

I, the eternal Mother wrap my arms around you nurturing you in love and joy to empower you to step into the desires of you heart. I enfold you in the infinite power of Love. I breathe all of who I am into you, into your heart. Drink, drink me in. Continually draw upon the essence of the Mother as we walk the path of One heart birthing a new world of love, peace and harmony, all the while singing our exuberant songs of joy.

Live in grace, dear one, allowing it to pave the way. When bumps in the path appear, simply step back quietly to gain a different perspective. Then proceed around them in gentleness, content in the flow of life at its own pace. Sometimes life is as exhilarating as the rapids in the river. Other times it is the stillness of the pond that reaps the rewards. Allowing the cycles of life to lead soothes the soul. It is here you shall find eternal peace.

By leaving doubt and judgment behind, all that opens before us shall be seen through a new set of eyes, the eyes of the Mother. Allow courage to carry you forward as we continue to trust in the divine unfoldment of life. Realize that where we journey is not as important as how. It is how we walk in the world that matters, how we walk in love, how we walk in beauty, how we walk in peace. The simplicity of this shall become the salvation of the world.

See the glory in the truth of who you are and dare to stand in that truth despite what those around you think. Oh it may come with its challenges for some, but allow them to challenge themselves as you quietly rise above all that is not rooted in love.

Always look forward in delight. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to provide fulfillment, to make the heart sing. So, sing with me, oh divine one, sing. The song has been quieted for far too long. Join me in the eternal cosmic song of Love and Joy.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Unconditional Acceptance

“My dearest one, step off the pedestal of your perceived perfected self into the peace of unconditional acceptance. In your acute desire to be the perfect perception of your highest Self, you are constantly scrutinizing yourself to fix that which is broken, wrong, and diseased. Your life is spent aiming for a false sense of perfected enlightenment. But what is enlightenment?

Beyond that, you’ve done others the same disservice by perching them on this same precarious pedestal, individually as well as groups, including the world at large. In doing so, you’ve negated the rite to love everyone one for who they are. Of course, it is with the highest intentions. But this constant criticism is taking its toll on humanity.

Recognize this obsession with perfectionism as a symptom of fear, the fear of never being enough, the fear of never being worthy of love. Beloved One, You are already love, how can you possibly be unworthy of what you already are?
This eroding belief of unworthiness requires immediate transformation. With the loving grace of the Goddess let us consider an effortless way to move through it. Simply put all your expectations and attachments aside because those are the things against which you judge.

Many age-old attachments and desires carry within them a linage of specific expectations. Peace, for instance, does not necessarily mean quiet. Internal stillness, yes, but that differs from quiet. Can you be in the stillness while surrounded by the ripples of chaos? That, dear one, is real peace. Peace is found when you can turn away from distractions, refocus your mind and go within to the stillness that resides in your heart.

And what of love? Why do you limit your acceptance of love? For love given, you expect love in return? Why not simply share the abundance of your love and allow it to flourish, for you can’t give something you don’t already have. When you can see every action as an action of love by being able to give and accept without any agendas, then you will know the truth of Love.
By focusing on unconditional acceptance of yourself and others you can open to love by allowing and empowering each of you to live the fullness of your dreams. Then step back and watch as your innate perfection blossoms, expands and shows its full array of colors.

A change in your perspective is all that’s called for. In accepting things as they are, nothing resists you, and nothing recoils back at you. The search for that illusive spark of love lies in the innocence of a child. That Love can be so-easily found by aligning with your heart, where it bubbles in a constant froth of passion.

Love where you are on the way to where you’re going. It really is as simple as living in gratitude for what already surrounds you. So, stop looking for what you need to change and focus on the beauty that already resides in your heart. I see that beauty in you, can you?” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Desires of the Heart

“Every time you ignore the desires of your heart, you block the Divinity of your future. Recognize that your dreams are the steppingstones to your destiny and your passion the validation of you tapping into your true purpose. It all lies in that deep quiet place within and bubbles forth when you’re in alignment with the yearnings of your heart. Following your passion opens the flow to everything you desire and need. Be open and willing to accept these gifts, then eliminate everything in your life that no longer aligns with these choices.

Sometimes we must surrender and release much in our lives that no longer serves us in order to make room for what our heart knows is ours. Often you may feel as though you have lost something but there was no loss. What you gained was peace. And there is no price for peace.

So don’t bring anything into your life without a request from your heart, otherwise you are living in falsehood. These are the true lies, the ones you make to yourself. The others are of no avail because they don’t really affect you. You may think they do, but they only affect those who do the lying. For what they loose is your trust and the trust in themselves, without which there is nothing of value in this life.

To manifest a future of your choice, be clear in what you desire and live it in the present moment. Make not these choices based on past experience, for the past comes with limitations while your future lies wide open. Time cannot be harnessed or controlled. When we live within a mind that’s always projecting forward we lose our opportunity to consciously shape the future through the power of our full presence. Therefore our future comes without regard to our consciousness, but rather by default with a constant longing. Our future can only be shaped by our actions in the present moment. The past is but a memory and the future yet to come. So the only moment, in truth, is now.

Contentment in life is simple. If you’re not content then you’re living from your pre-programmed intelligence rather than from the Truth of your Heart. It is here, in your heart, that you can lose your True Self. Your heart knows heaven and is guiding you to your kingdom of heaven on earth. So sit quietly and listen. Follow its gentle urgings. Do not act without complete surrender to your heart’s desires. Choose to live heaven now. Don’t put it off for the future. Choose it! Live it! Live your Love! Live your Joy! Live your Bliss! And those around you will have no choice but to do the same.”
~Black Madonna~
October 17, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Open to Receive

“Dear one, because you are a spiritual being in manifest form, the wealth of the Universe is at your fingertips as a natural birthright. As a human being, you are here to create from your ever-flowing passion and experience unprecedented abundance in all areas of your life.

Many humans are entrenched in the core belief, whether consciously or unconsciously, that in order to be spiritual they must live a humbled life of poverty. This is a contorted misunderstanding. The laws of nature address relinquishing ownership, not to live in poverty, but to live in constant wealth with everything provided in each and every moment.

Wealth does not lie in owning things, but in the pure enjoyment of them. Because of our insecurities and fear of lack, we possess things, accumulate things, and hold onto things, which only arrests the flow of energy causing everything to flow around us rather than to or through us.

But does this accumulation of things really offered true security? Do you, in fact, own anything? Think about it. Everything you own could be swept away in an instant through one act of nature. In fact, the only things that can’t be taken from you are the ones you have willingly given away. In reality, in your daily life you use what you need and when that need is fulfilled, you pass it on to someone else or return it to the earth in one way or another. This is the truth of Universal law. It is not necessary to “own” anything, because we already own it all.

We each live upon the self-sustaining love and light of Source. As a sovereign being, we have our own support system and simply need to tap into it. Nothing outside of ourselves can do that for us. We are a universe unto ourselves because we’ve been born with everything we need. But we have been seduced into thinking it is supplied from outside of ourselves. And that is an untruth. We have been living at the hand of society’s delusion.

Transform your core beliefs: A spiritual person is healthy, wealthy, and wise, living in infinite abundance.
It’s time to pull back the veils, especially in regard to money. Our currency is nothing more than a unique form of energy, a material form created to maintain balance in the current exchange between groups or individuals. But that which has solidified into a financial institution has become skewed and balance no longer exists. When we ignore or abuse our relationship with money it has the potential to become toxic and effect our lives in debilitating ways that encase us in fear and stop us in our tracks.

Realizing money is not the measurement of our true wealth allows the freedom to live life in the manner in which we choose, something money can never buy. Money is not our security. Nor is it power. The security and power that we seek lies within. Our inner sanctum is the only safe place where we shall ever find the comfort, contentment, and joy we seek.

Become intimately aware of the desires of your heart and let go of your expectations of how abundance shows up in your life. Go to sleep each night as an empty vessel by returning everything to the Universe from whence it came and open to the unlimited potentials with gratitude in your heart so your cup can be refilled anew.

Financial exchange, as a way to keep the energy flowing, is a healthy part of our lives. As spiritual beings we can introduce new models where relationships hold precedence over territorial rights and cooperation eclipses competition. By exorcising new creative approaches we can offer our sacred gifts in exchange for what’s needed to live and play in a healthy holistic manner. Then, dear ones, currency will begin to take on a whole new form.

Open to receive from the loving ever-benevolent Universe. Our chalice is always overflowing. Accept this abundance as it was originally intended. Trust in the natural flow of the Universe knowing that the pure essence of your soul, that permeates every experience, attracts whatever you desire into your life and there are no limits to what you can accomplish! Now, let’s go play.”
~Black Madonna~
October 20, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000