Voice of Mother Mary

“From my loving heart, peace be unto you my precious one. It is I, Mother Mary, the Goddess of Love, come to celebrate with you on this most holy of nights. Ah, such sweetness. Yes, such beauty and sweetness surrounds us. For on this night, this glorious night, is born unto us the holy child. Through me, yes, but also through you. For the love, the grace, and the radiance of wholeness are within each of us as the Holy Child.

I come this night to remind you, for you have forgotten and turned away from the truth of this birth. Awaken to the magnificence that lies within you. The shepherds and magi come to honor the prophesied child. With your awakening, you, too, are being honored. As the ultimate mother I open my arms to you with unconditional love, wrap them around you, gather you close, and breath in your sweet, sweet essence. Just as Yeshua, you are my child who walks the planet in blessedness. It matters not what you have chosen to do with your life. It matters not if you are famous, rich or poor. The color of your skin matters not for my arms fit perfectly around you.

I see the truth of who you are and I am here to hold that vision for you to step into, if and when you choose. In doing so, may you see the unconditional overflowing love for yourself that lies within you. If you did not, how could you possibly see it in another. I am here to remind you of everything that already resides within you. So I bid you, open dear heart, open to the love and beauty that surrounds you.

Remember the joy, innocence and wonderment that you felt as a child on that first Christmas and embody it once again. For this is the passion and joy that fills our hearts as the creators of a new world.

A new life awaits you. As the light returns from its season of darkness, as Christ was born on Christmas Day, so shall you be birthed once again. This Christmas bestows upon you all that you have awaited for so long, for so many lifetimes. What you shall find on Christmas morn is that you are the present, to yourself and to all of us. You are the divine present. See the Christ Child within you. Follow the star in the east into the manger of your heart, therein lies your true essence my precious one, the purity of agape.

My love is unconditional. My love is eternal. I require nothing in return. I simply love you. I am, the Blessed Mother Mary.” ~Mother Mary~
December 24, 1999

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000