New Perception of Life

“Through the eyes of others, you see limitations, difficulties, and challenges. Through my eyes, you experience the world as a series of ongoing miracles. Which do you choose?

It’s time to push yourself to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Release the mundane in favor of the sacred. This shift in perception requires highly focused intention. But the more you experience the magic, the more natural it becomes and the less you are willing to settle for the pallid mundane world you have become accustomed to. Why would you want to walk through a world of black and white when you can dance in a world of full spectrum color in harmony with everything around you.

Be in the here and now. Love where you are on the way to getting to where you want to be, for that’s where the miracles live, not in your future. Just image what the world would look like if we each chose to see life as a blessing. It’s this sacred attitude that ushers you through life to fulfill your soul’s purpose with ease and grace. Your joy is found by aligning with your heart, where it bubbles in a constant froth of passion. When you maintain this view of magic it’s permeation becomes apparent in life as life itself. So, always, always, sing your songs of joy, for ease of life and magic follow on its heals.”

~ Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000