Breath of Life

“Sweet, sweet stillness. All the beauty and proliferation of life surrounds us in the potency of this stillness. Feel it lapping around you as gentle waves of peace and serenity. Breathe it in deeply. Yes, even more deeply. Deep into your body, into the cells, into the microorganisms that constitute your material form. Breathe softly, allowing the belly to fill and empty with its own innate rhythm. Feel the chest rise and fall as the heart expands with each breath, releasing the toxins with my gentle touch, refilling with the beauty and love of the Quan Yin. Open to receive. Breathe into the One heart. Breathe in the Love that is your birthright. Breathe more deeply than you have ever done before.

Now . . . I guide you to the sweet sweet center that allows you to open your lotus blossom, petal by petal, revealing who you are, your divine expression of Self, the Beloved within. Sit in the stillness, allowing these blossoms to unfold, gently unfurling, as only they know how to do. Allow them to surround you, support you, comfort you, and instill you. Be still and know.” ~Quan Yin~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Voice of Quan Yin

“Ahhhh, sweet, sweet contentment in the tranquility of stillness. What a precious gift, something we can give to ourselves anytime or anyplace. Always here, always present, always abundantly available as a gift to ourselves. Yet how often do we think to receive this ultimate life preserving gift?

I am Quan Yin, Goddess of grace, gentleness and compassion. Allow my essence to fill you with each and every in-breath. It is only from this place of grace and compassion that we are able to forgive the perceived transgressions from others and those within ourselves. Get in touch with the compassion that lies within the depths of you, compassion for self, compassion for self, compassion for self. Moving forward in our lives with the gentle flow of life’s breath requires this of us.

I am the Goddess proficient in stillness as the ultimate pathway to the One Mind, the One Heart, and the peace and harmony that passeth all understanding. I come to remind you of this sacred gift from Source as a natural element of the Universe from which you can breath at any time without cost to you or another. This is our vital life giving energy. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Omnipresent.

From within the sanctuary of the heart, I am here to facilitate the unfurling of your lotus blossom with love and delight. I come to assist you in tasting the juicy center that lies within you. Sit with me often to refresh and nurture your physical body. Open your inner eyes and see all the droplets of wisdom that shimmer before you as you relinquish the ties that bind you, freeing the desires of your heart to embrace the magnificence of life.” ~Quan Yin~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000