Voice of Kali

“I am the Kali, the Goddess of Transformation who assists in maintaining the balance of Universal order. My fire is a gift of purification in the alchemy of transformation.

I walk before you in the wake of change. Pay attention, heed the warnings, see the signs, listen to your internal wisdom. These stirrings offer you the opportunity to flow with the natural cycles of the universe in grace rather than allowing them to catch you by surprise in the chaos and pain brought about by attempting to overpower them.

Life changes and so must you. But life’s perceived obstacles are simply a reminder to pause, change your angle of perception, and possibly change directions. Remove the shackles of the old bereaved belief systems, for if your current life patterns are not restructured they shall crumble from beneath you leaving you standing on uneven ground. When the earth quakes, things will collapse and you may find yourself digging through the rubble to reveal the multitude of treasures that have been patiently awaiting your embrace.

Beware, I will push you beyond your comfort zone to find the innate power of your full potential. It is your internal transformation that allows you to connect into your angelic Self to rise above the old like a phoenix rising from the ashes. As the forms of an old culture die, and the illusion disappears, meet me in the cauldron of the heart, which lies between the worlds of black and white, good and bad, positive and negative, leaving the extremities of duality behind.

When you heed my call by stepping away from the old and welcoming the new on a daily basis, you dispel the discordant energies and invite harmony into your world. I am here in service to you. Allow me, Kali, to smooth the path of change with grace and bring harmony to your Soul Song once again.” ~Kali~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000