Voice of Kali

“I am the Kali, the Goddess of Transformation who assists in maintaining the balance of Universal order. My fire is a gift of purification in the alchemy of transformation.

I walk before you in the wake of change. Pay attention, heed the warnings, see the signs, listen to your internal wisdom. These stirrings offer you the opportunity to flow with the natural cycles of the universe in grace rather than allowing them to catch you by surprise in the chaos and pain brought about by attempting to overpower them.

Life changes and so must you. But life’s perceived obstacles are simply a reminder to pause, change your angle of perception, and possibly change directions. Remove the shackles of the old bereaved belief systems, for if your current life patterns are not restructured they shall crumble from beneath you leaving you standing on uneven ground. When the earth quakes, things will collapse and you may find yourself digging through the rubble to reveal the multitude of treasures that have been patiently awaiting your embrace.

Beware, I will push you beyond your comfort zone to find the innate power of your full potential. It is your internal transformation that allows you to connect into your angelic Self to rise above the old like a phoenix rising from the ashes. As the forms of an old culture die, and the illusion disappears, meet me in the cauldron of the heart, which lies between the worlds of black and white, good and bad, positive and negative, leaving the extremities of duality behind.

When you heed my call by stepping away from the old and welcoming the new on a daily basis, you dispel the discordant energies and invite harmony into your world. I am here in service to you. Allow me, Kali, to smooth the path of change with grace and bring harmony to your Soul Song once again.” ~Kali~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000


True Happiness

“True happiness is a human birthright, an innate state of being. Your current perception of happiness is quite distorted. It’s ruled from outside of yourself and riddled with agendas. All this time you’ve been trying to fit into a mold you never even created. When you push against the edges or slow down enough to realize you don’t fit, you fall into depression. That’s what depression is, a drop in your body’s frequency due to a misalignment with your soul.

Depression is a powerful evolutionary tool. It’s your soul’s cautionary yellow flag waving across your psyche. Don’t ignore it, but neither choose to live there long enough to get entangled in its grip. Acknowledge the yellow flag by getting in touch with your deeply buried feelings and emotions. Some shoveling may be required on your part. But trust that with pure intent you will discover the sweet, juicy center of joy that lies beneath the rubble within your heart.

You have served others well, congratulate yourself for that. However, in order to continue being of service, you need to learn to care for yourself. You’re shifting into a new powerful relationship with your Soul. It’s time to acknowledge your truth and stand in your sacred power, from your perspective not anyone else’s. To realign with your Soul, allow your intuition to guide you rather than your limited egoic personality whose five external senses hold dominion. Anchor yourself in your heart where intuition reigns supreme. Then your old self will bow to your Spirit and step aside, inviting your authentic Self to step forward with new introductions of joy.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Breath of Life

“Sweet, sweet stillness. All the beauty and proliferation of life surrounds us in the potency of this stillness. Feel it lapping around you as gentle waves of peace and serenity. Breathe it in deeply. Yes, even more deeply. Deep into your body, into the cells, into the microorganisms that constitute your material form. Breathe softly, allowing the belly to fill and empty with its own innate rhythm. Feel the chest rise and fall as the heart expands with each breath, releasing the toxins with my gentle touch, refilling with the beauty and love of the Quan Yin. Open to receive. Breathe into the One heart. Breathe in the Love that is your birthright. Breathe more deeply than you have ever done before.

Now . . . I guide you to the sweet sweet center that allows you to open your lotus blossom, petal by petal, revealing who you are, your divine expression of Self, the Beloved within. Sit in the stillness, allowing these blossoms to unfold, gently unfurling, as only they know how to do. Allow them to surround you, support you, comfort you, and instill you. Be still and know.” ~Quan Yin~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Voice of Quan Yin

“Ahhhh, sweet, sweet contentment in the tranquility of stillness. What a precious gift, something we can give to ourselves anytime or anyplace. Always here, always present, always abundantly available as a gift to ourselves. Yet how often do we think to receive this ultimate life preserving gift?

I am Quan Yin, Goddess of grace, gentleness and compassion. Allow my essence to fill you with each and every in-breath. It is only from this place of grace and compassion that we are able to forgive the perceived transgressions from others and those within ourselves. Get in touch with the compassion that lies within the depths of you, compassion for self, compassion for self, compassion for self. Moving forward in our lives with the gentle flow of life’s breath requires this of us.

I am the Goddess proficient in stillness as the ultimate pathway to the One Mind, the One Heart, and the peace and harmony that passeth all understanding. I come to remind you of this sacred gift from Source as a natural element of the Universe from which you can breath at any time without cost to you or another. This is our vital life giving energy. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Omnipresent.

From within the sanctuary of the heart, I am here to facilitate the unfurling of your lotus blossom with love and delight. I come to assist you in tasting the juicy center that lies within you. Sit with me often to refresh and nurture your physical body. Open your inner eyes and see all the droplets of wisdom that shimmer before you as you relinquish the ties that bind you, freeing the desires of your heart to embrace the magnificence of life.” ~Quan Yin~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

Voice of Gaia

“The Songs of Gaia surround you. Hush, hush….. listen carefully. Listen to the songs of the sea curling its way onto the beach, songs of the trees swishing in the breeze, songs of the coyote echoing across the hills and the songs of the doves on the morning breeze. The chorus never ceases, it’s present in each and every moment. These sacred harmonies in kinship with the heartbeat of the earth nurture and sustain your existence on this planet. When you relax into these harmonies you can feel your body thrive and rejuvenate. These are my sacred gifts to you.

I am Gaia, the Spirit of your planet earth. In truth, I am the Mother of your human body. Without me, there would be no human existence. It is through my life elements that your physical body lives. I am the air that you breathe, the spark of life, the physical matter of which you are composed, and the fluid flowing through your veins. These are the elements of the earth plane. They supply you with life. I supply you with life. Together, we have the opportunity to live or die in this material form. I choose life and more than that, I choose to expand and evolve.

The Universe cycles through constant evolutions of expansion and contraction, birthing and rebirthing. We are part of those cycles, your spirit and mine. You are the microcosm of the earth, and the I the microcosm of the Universe. Just as your physical body matures and changes with or without your participation our planetary evolution moves through its phases of growth.

It is my choice to fully and consciously participate in this magnificent opportunity of evolution. And I know there are many of you who have made the same commitment. It is an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to consciously participate in this evolution. Your life, and especially the lives of your children, depends upon it.

I most humbly honor and appreciate each of you who are facilitating the self-sustaining health of this planet. Your participation is a gift to the entire human race. Without such participation humanity will destroy itself. Clean water and air are essential to your continued existence. At the current rate of abuse, they are running out. It is that simple. Life evolves in the manner in which we treat it. You don’t vandalize your cathedrals, temples and mosques. Is not your physical body and that of the earth equally sacred?

I come not with a doomsday message but one of gratitude for all who are participating. Allow the beauty of what surrounds you to nourish you in the manner in which it is meant to. In doing so, you will find little need for the nourishment of the artificial activities of your day. You will begin to enjoy life for what it is, rather than what you must do to survive. This is not a planet that requires survival. Stop taking what is no longer necessary and start receiving effortlessly.

Allow the beauty of the earth to enliven you. Expand your consciousness to connect with the planet and those around you. See yourself in the eyes of your brothers, sisters and all sentient beings. Walk in love, by beloveds. Allow your heart to sing. As you hum along with the planet, you will experience a whole new way of being. I invite you to join me in this glorious evolution with a life of blessings, harmony and song.”


© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

The Nature of Miracles

“Miracles upon miracles. Know that you are always surrounded by miracles, but in order to see them, you need to be fully present in joyful anticipation. When you see the world as a child believes, the magic finds you and the nature of miracles is revealed unto you.

Slow down. Each moment, each step, each action carries within it a potential miracle. Every thing, every action, every word and the space in-between holds within it all the frequencies and all the dimensions with infinite potentials. It is up to you to choose how you perceive it. For magic lives in each cell, each atom; it surrounds you. When you become fully consciousness and treat life as miracle, it becomes one. Which do you choose to see? How do you choose to experience the world? The choice is yours.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2001

Love is not what you Think it is

“Precious one, it is time to open to more love than you have ever imagined possible. For love is not what you think it is. Love is so very much more. I, Mother Mary, invite you to learn the truth of love to bask in the bliss of agape, the infinite expanse of Love.

It amazes me that the English language has only one word for “love”, the essence of which has infinite aspects to it. According to the Ancient Greeks, love has three components. Eros strikes like fire, consumes you with sensual desire and longing, then often burns itself out. Philia sustains itself within the bonds of family and friendship. Agape, the primal source of all Creation, transcends our human understanding of love and fills us with its Divine essence. This gives us a place to initiate our understanding.

That which you most often perceive as love is really only the energy of attention, given or received; attention through compliments, touch, time, romance, sex, gifts, support or acknowledgment. In your world love has been controlled, measured, judged and doled out against past experience. Like a banker, you invest in love, then expect a repayment with interest, which only sets you up for heartache, as you so aptly call it.

You treat love as if it is a sentiment given and received using specific words and actions expressed between lovers. Or as filial love between mother and daughter, father and son, sister and brother, and close friends. You spread your love over others so they will love you back to fill those empty places within you. Sadly their love is never enough to fill you. But your own love is.

All the love you will ever need is within you. By simply loving yourself, those dark empty places will be filled and love will spill over its old self-constructed bounds. By simply loving yourself you’re able to break through the old shackles of love and see its truth in everyone and everything.

Although it has been appropriate to learn of love on the material plane by experiencing it in such measurable ways, in reality love has no form. Nor is it measurable. Every time you attempt to give it form and judge it with man-made measurements, it becomes more illusionary, unfulfilling, empty, and often painful. No wonder you feel abandoned, unworthy, lost and lonely.
Every time you’ve opened yourself to love, it broke down the walls that held you captive to the past and brought everything that’s not rooted in love into the present moment. In this emotional overwhelm your natural tendency was to shut down instead of remaining open to the healing and acceptance of more love. Thus the cycle continues in an excruciating slow death in response to your fear of love.

You fear the unknown and that which you do not understand. Fortunately, your perception of love comes from a limited perspective. So, as the ultimate Divine Mother, I invite you to go beyond your human perception of love and allow me to wrap my arms around you as you surrender to the true power of agape, the infinite Divine love of Source, to know that . . . .
Love is . . . safe, kind, compassionate and patient,
Love is . . . pure and unadulterated,
Love is . . . for everyone, not just the few with whom you chose to share it,
Love is . . . the breath of life, breath of creation, breath of all that exists,
Love is . . . truth, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
Love simply is . . . . . .

Love lives in the space-in-between, radiating naturally from every cell. Why have you chosen to hold it only in your heart, placing walls around it for protection? Remove the walls and allow the power of love to flow freely throughout your body as blood flows. Beyond that, allow it to radiate to everyone and everything, asking nothing in return no matter who they are or what form they take.

You have nothing to lose, for love cannot be depleted, it will never run out for it is the vital force of energy that sustains all things. Nor do you need to concern yourself about how others shall receive your love or react to it. The responsibility of receiving lies with the receiver. Simply allow love to flow, and flow and flow. In doing so, you live in the eternal energy of love. By relinquishing the need to acquire it from outside of yourself, you become sovereign, complete unto yourself and able to revel in the bliss of love that is always present in infinite supply.

Flow in love, precious one. Flow as love with a totally open and free-flowing heart. No more walls. No need to pretend, defend or protect. No more holding back. No need to resist. The suffering of holding on so tightly has come to an end.
Flow in the love of Source. Flow in the love of God. Flow in the love of the Goddess. Flow in your love. Allow it to flow. Let it be, Love knows how.” ~Black Madonna~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000