Voice of Mary Magdalyn

“I am the one you call Mary Magdalyn, come as the bearer of Truth. I invite you into the sacred sanctuary to celebrate all that surrounds us with the glorious sky overhead and the pungent earth beneath my feet. Come walk with me through the timelines of the ancient ones as we unveil the untold Truth and the Wisdom of the Universe.

My dear beloved one, it is time for the truth to come forward, not for my sake but for yours. There are many who think I have been persecuted, am angry and have come forward for retribution. Do not take me as a victim, for that I have never been. I do not care what you may call me, for no matter how I am clothed, I know who I am. Now it is time you know the truth of who you are.

Gifted with Divine sight, I have always been able to see through the eyes of Divinity. This is why I was so threatening to those who were uncomfortable with the truth. I saw, and they could not hide. These eyes reside within you as well. If you allow it to be so, this sight shall spontaneously open for you as the beautiful gift that it is. By dissolving the veils of illusion you permeate an energy field that enables you to step into the magic of your own true heart empowering you and others to see the truth of who you are. Without a word, without any action on your part, your simple presence acts as a mirror for you and those in your presence.

Not everyone is ready for truth, but those who are, shall seek you out for a moment, a day, or a few years before possibly parting and each going your own way, always with a more expanded consciousness. When you are ready for the truth, free of judgment, expectation and attachment, this gift shall spontaneously awaken in you. All you need do is step out of the way and allow it to be so.

So I invite you to open to an expanded heart space with new revelations as I usher us through the ascension gateway into a new reality free of the olds bonds of duality. Yeshua and I have blazed the way. The path is clear. Now we invite you to ascend to your rightful place as a conscious Christed human being to commune with our family that extends beyond bloodlines as the family of One heart.

Blessings to you oh Magnificent One, welcome to the family where your love, commitment and devotion are acknowledged and greatly honored. They are what will carry you through as we journey forward into a new reality.” ~Mary Magdalyn~

© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2000

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